Curriculum Vitae

Resume/Curriculum Vitae


I have over 25 years experience in developing custom applications. My areas of industry involvement have spanned multiple sectors including Telecommunications, Petroleum, Energy Management and Medical Software systems. In the past 12 years my focus has been on development of highly scalable, secure J2EE and .NET-based systems with focuses on interoperability and scalability between both platforms in heterogenous environments.


Expedia                             Engineering Manager                              4/2013 – Present

Technologies used: Java, Spring Framework, Tomcat, MSSQL Server, Cassandra, Maven, Ruby and Rails.

Engineering Manager of development efforts for Expedia PartnerCentral: This platform empowers hoteliers to distribute photographic and content data and amenities; and manage reservations and reconciliations used by millions of customers when visiting Brand Expedia Properties (e.g.,,

T-Mobile                             Development Manager                        3/2006 – 4/2013

Technologies used: Java, XML, WebLogic, Oracle 9i/10g, ANT, Castor (XML-Java Object Mapping), Dozer, Axis.


As a development manager I was responsible for the delivery of critical front-line retail systems. These include systems for activation and management of new and existing customer accounts. Key systems that I work on or have been responsible for include:


In addition to my Development Manager responsibilities, I was the Chief Engineer and Designer for Quikview: T-Mobile’s next-generation care and retail application management application. Quikview Enables 35000+ care and retail reps to process activations, rate plan revisions, handle account management activities and quickly obtain information for customers about the accounts and device information. Quikview handles millions of transactions a day today and is responsible for generation of billions in revenue as well as significant cost savings to the business via streamlining of core business functionality.

I was the direct lead for teams of 10-15 members and coordinate efforts across development teams of over 150 developers.

Quikview is an application suite designed to handle all retail store transactions and Customer Care needs. Developed with Spring Framework, Dozer, Axis, Adobe Flex/AIR, LiveCycle ES and LiveCycle DS using Weblogic 10 and Java Java 6.


Prior to the inception of what became Quikview I was the lead developer on and later development manager applications that manage the activation process used by Wal-Mart, and all T-Mobile retail stores (AASP, CAM/iCAM). I also contributed to the development of the Watson activations system.

Architect and develop developer for in-house distributed B2B application using Java, XML Web Services and Java Server Faces (JSF) and Adobe Flex running on WebLogic 10.

Design WSDL interfaces for SOA and Tibco services to be called by above-mentioned applications.

Solutions architected and designed using Hibernate ORM system and Spring J2EE Framework.

Create system impact assessments and developer/hour estimates for time to implement new functionality.

Contribute to creation of functional specifications, testing requirements, and project timelines.

Addtional CV-related information available upon request.